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Libertas Fund is dedicated to making a difference by freeing 1000 women from the experience of poverty in third-world countries.

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Libertas in Roman times represented the life changing act of a master making someone in slavery a free man. Even though today slavery is illegal in nearly all parts of the world, a great majority of our planet is still trapped in the bondage caused by poverty.

The primary beneficiaries for this impact investment are women. This is because women are the greatest facilitators of positive change in both the family and community.

Libertas provides women not simply with financial support but rather educates them on how to sustainable change their lives. The financial impact we have goes far beyond providing food on the table. Women are empowered to start their own businesses within their village, being able to break free from poverty and dependency on others as well as supporting their local economy.

Libertas aims to empower by:

1. The right mindset and capabilities:   Mahatma Ghandi said “first we must become the change we want to see” as he understood that for things to change we first must change ourselves. The first step is to give the individuals the power of choice and the tools to evolve.

2. Change in circumstances: As an example, for some enslaved by poverty maybe homeless, providing basic necessities like a shelter.

3. Resources: To achieve rapid transformation from poverty to self sufficiency requires the physical and financial resources required to build incomes and assets.




This Fund aims to impact the lives of 1000 women in third-world countries with micro financing loans.

Our objective is to seed the Libertas Fund with $20 Million + in assets/liquid funds and in addition as well as enlisting investors in order to reach a Fund value of $40-60 million.

A loan of just $300 can impact three lives (the borrower and their dependents). It also creates greater commerce in their local environment as they have more to spend, improving the livelihood of others in the community. Through applying these formulas at $40 million the Libertas Fund can directly impact 400,000 lives.

If this vision also compels you to act, connect with us today to become part of our giving back fund, helping many break free from the limitations and suffering caused by poverty.


The C2 Capital ecosystem is resolved to do its part to create freedom from poverty. Therefore as a company we are committed to;

• Applying 7.5% of all our net profits to this outcome;

• Dedicate 7.5% of all our carried positions in our property and venture projects towards this result;

• Use our activities and influence to encourage others to join us in this campaign for change;

• Put our knowledge, capabilities and resources to work to create lasting change.

To bring all of these aspects together into a focused force that can impact many lives, we have established the Libertas Fund. This not for profit social impact investment fund is about helping “investees” on their journey in breaking free from poverty, empowering them to be self sufficient and reach their full potential.


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